All buildings, commercial, residential, or industrial need upkeep and maintenance. The most common cause of damage is, invariably, water seeping into the masonry and wearing away the joints between the bricks. At Chicago Roofing Company, we understand that every property owner needs to undertake regular tuckpointing and fresh masonry projects.

These solutions are essential to maintain the integrity, beauty, and aesthetic appeal of buildings, so they are long-lasting and fortified against erosion. We use our expertise and 20 years’ experience to offer you the best and most innovative solutions out there.

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Here is the careful step-by-step process we follow to make sure that the project is completed on schedule with exceptional results.

  1. Conducting a thorough inspection to check for the extent of damage.
  2. Identifying the kind of mortar that was originally used along with the age of the building
  3. Making recommendations based on our extensive experience in the field along with expert knowledge of the Building Violations Code you must comply with. 
  4. Acquiring the necessary permits needed to work on the structure
  5. Using specialized equipment to remove the eroded sections without endangering the integrity of the structure
  6. Replacing old and deteriorating masonry with new concrete that matches the old mortar
  7. Restoring the grace and appeal of the building structures, this factor is especially important when working on buildings of historical importance
  8. Ensuring that the structural strength is intact and water seepage will not damage the other sections and design elements of the building
  9. Scheduling a meeting with the building inspector and getting approval
  10. Final walkthrough with the client

Repair Old and Worn-Out Concrete

If you’ve been noticing signs like cracks, holes, and gaps in the bricks, it’s time to call in the professionals at Chicago Roofing Company for an inspection. Oftentimes, water damage is also characterized by the formation of a whitish film on the walls. As a layperson, chances are that you don’t realize that repair work is needed. You’ll also be surprised to learn how Chicago’s freezing temperatures cause ice crystals to expand in the cracks and accelerate the damage. Our experts will use specialized tools to check the masonry for indications of erosion and decomposing concrete. They’ll also provide estimates of the extent of tuckpointing you’ll need along with the expected costs. 

Understanding Tuckpointing

Also termed as repointing, tuckpointing is the process by which experienced crews carefully chip away the old concrete holding the bricks and replace it with fresh masonry. You might think that tuckpointing projects are routine processes but you couldn’t be more wrong. As our consultants at Chicago Roofing Company will explain, several factors go into the undertaking. You’ll need solutions for not just strengthening the structure from further damage, but also for maintaining the original structure and its characteristic appeal.

As one of the leading tuckpointing service providers in the City of Chicago, we offer you a selection of services at affordable costs. Here are some of the projects you can call us in for:

  • Tuckpointing and waterproofing
  • Repairing brick and masonry
  • Restorations of historical buildings
  • Coating and sealing projects for all kinds of brick walls and exteriors
  • Replacing aged and worn out caulking wherever needed including garage decks and around windows and doors
  • Repairing chimneys and parapet walls to preserve the edges of terraces and walkways
  • Protecting against water damage by renovating coping and flashing
  • Renovating and repairing steel lintel
  • Using techniques like pressure washing, power washing, and chemical washing
  • Waterproofing exteriors using elastomeric coatings
  • Replacing old sidings and cleaning out gutters
  • Adding a modernistic look to buildings by adding contemporary facades and curtain walls


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