At Chicago Roofing Corporation, we understand that the beauty and long-term lifecycle of all kinds of structures depends on a robust foundation that can withstand the test of time.  

We have extensive experience in laying masonry and concrete foundations for residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial and public facilities.

Our team of highly-experienced and well-trained concrete foundation contractors are also adept at identifying flaws and potential breaks in existing foundations.

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Chicago Roofing Corporation
Chicago Roofing Corporation

Our Services Include Repairs and Renovations for:

Cracks in the dry walls
Cracking in the stairways and steps built with masonry bricks
Windows and doors that seem stuck because of uneven levels
Cracks in the foundation and piling
Seasonal shifting in the foundation
Sags and slopes appearing in the floors because of settling ground soil
Sinking foundations

A robust foundation is critical for the structural stability of your home, commercial building, or industrial facility. Not just laying solid foundations, but timely repair work is highly essential to keep pace with ground movement and water seepage. Shifting in the ground can lead to cracks and eventually structural failure while a faulty drainage system can lead to foundation failure. Considering that the entire load of the building rests on a solid footing, you absolutely need a secure foundation. Our masonry construction services offer you expert solutions to all the potential problems in your foundation and basement. Entrust us with the long-term integrity of your home and business. Because Chicago Roofing Corporationstands for trust, assurance, and accountability.

Trust The Experts

Our expert crew will visit your site and conduct a careful inspection of the foundation. Next, you’ll receive a detailed report on the masonry construction repairs needed and the estimated cost. Expect nothing but high-grade materials and complete transparency in the way we work. All of our solutions are customized and specifically-designed according to the requirements of the structure needing repairs. Rest assured that our costs will never exceed original estimates, eliminating the possibility of unexpected surprises.


Chicago Roofing Corporation is a commercial & residential roofing company offering work to Chicago and surrounding communities.